Starting Sustainable Living: What’s it All About?


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While you don’t need to be an environmental scientist to make sustainable changes, it does help to know a little before you get started.

This post is just a quick introduction to Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Living. I have included links to other sites where you can find more in-depth information on the topics mentioned below.

I would also say if you haven’t already it’s worth having a look at my About page. Just so that you have an idea of my own experience and where I’m coming from in regards to sustainable living.

What is Environmental Sustainability?

Environmental sustainability is an extremely broad term which can be a little difficult to get your head round. The full definition is as follows;

Environmental Sustainability is all about interacting with our planet and its resources in a responsible way. The goal is to ensure that our actions do not cause any permanent damage to, or depletion of, the earth’s natural resources and environment.

Aspects of Environmental Sustainability include tackling climate change, finding renewable energy sources, preventing pollution, enforcing industrial regulation and much more.

Put simply, sustainability is about protecting the planet, for today and for future generations.

I do regularly touch on the above topics, but the main focus of this website is another aspect of Environmental Sustainability, namely Sustainable Living.

What Is Sustainable Living?

I think of Sustainable Living as being the everyday application of Environmental Sustainability.

In other words, how can we take those large scale challenges mentioned above, break them down into manageable chunks and then tackle them in our day to day lives.

For example, preventing pollution is a truly global challenge. Everyday ways to tackle this problem would be avoiding single use plastics, buying chemical free produce and reusing products and materials where possible.

Similarly, climate change is another huge issue. Driving less, conserving energy and reducing meat consumption would be three ways to help address this.

These everyday actions are examples of Sustainable Living.

Sustainable Living also ties in with many other eco-friendly ideas such as minimalism, zero waste, veganism, permaculture, vegetarianism and many more.

The graphic below shows some (though not all) of the main pillars of Sustainable Living.

Here are some links to my other posts for more info on the various aspects of sustainable living.

Hopefully this post gives you an idea of what sustainability is all about and the kind of information you can expect to find on this site.

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